Infinity 100 Scam? Here's my Infinity 100 Review

Published: 08th February 2010
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There's a lot of buzz going around about Infinity 100 and whether or not it's a scam. I too, being the skeptic that I am, was quite reluctant to dish out another 100 bucks for another so called money making scheme, but I had a friend who had just got started and he already had his money back. Not that that would be a sign for everyone to start jumping in, but this friend was totally clueless about internet marketing.

I looked it over and thought what the heck. If he, not knowing anything about internet marketing has already made his initial 100 dollars back, then I, being somewhat knowledgeable at internet marketing should be able to get my money back and then some fairly quickly. And, since I had a few other acquaintances asking me if Infinity 100 was a scam, I thought I could at least give it a try and write an honest review. So this is it. My Infinity 100 review.

I signed up for the program and paid my $100 fee, which also set up a monthly subscription through PayPal, meaning I would be charged $100 every month if I decided to stay. I immediately got access to the back office where there is invaluable information on how to market the program and other stuff that you can pay for to get you going, but my main goal was to do what anyone can do on a zero money budget to get traffic to my new site and see what kind of results there would be, so I started placing ads on free ad sites like and Nothing happened the first day and so I placed more ads the next day. Still, nothing seemed to be happening except that there were now some opt-ins on my lead capture page.

That is what made me keep going even though I wasn't getting any paid sign ups, because I knew that those people who had entered their name and email address into my Infinity 100 lead capture page were going to start getting auto-responder emails about the system and knowing internet marketing as well as I do, capturing leads and sending out auto-responder emails is what can really make or break a business.

On my fourth day I finally got my first paid sign up. My initial investment was back in my hands, because I received 100% of the commission directly into my PayPal account. That was great. The next day I got another sign up, but I didn't get the money.

Here's why.

It went to the person I signed up under. And that is what makes the Infinity 100 system explode over time. It's' a 2-up system which means 2 of your sign ups move up to your sponsor. Your first sign up is yours and you get the money. The second goes to your sponsor. He gets them as a direct sign up and he gets the money. Your third sign up is yours to keep. They are signed up directly under you and you get the money. Your fourth goes to your sponsor again. That is 2 that you have passed up and 2 that you get to keep. Now you will never have to pass up any more.

So now watch how this thing can explode. Let's say you sign up only four. Two you had to pass up and the other two you keep. Now, when each of those two get their first sign up they get to keep them in their direct downline and they get the money. The second one moves up to you. So that's now two more people in your downline and when they get their third sign up they keep it and then their fourth moves up to you again.

That's now a total of six people in your direct downline and you are receiving $100 a month from each of them. But hold on. You've already received your 2-up from 2 members of your downline, but now you have 4 others that will pass 2 up to you making that 8 more added to your 6, totaling 14. And all you did was personally sign up 4. Now when those 8 pass up their 2 to you that will be 16 more added to your 14 totaling 30 100 dollar bills hitting your PayPal account every month. Now it starts to get mind boggling. You now have 16 more who are going to pass up 2, and then 32, and then 62 and wow!

You do the math. It continues to infinity, and that is why it is called Infinity 100. You can't stop the 100 dollar bills once it gets started.

The 2-up system is ingenious. After I got my first 4 personal sign ups, I quit placing ads and just put my time into helping those 4 get their 4 sign ups and encouraged them to do the same and that teamwork has built an income that is almost unimaginable. My income is continually growing from the efforts of others.

So, Is Infinity 100 a scam? My bank account says NO. And that is my Infinity 100 review.

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